Your Wedding Dream Day

Your “Special Wedding Day” for which you have spent your entire life dreaming about and finally, here it is!

You’ve found the love of your life and the perfect dress and now a gorgeous venue to declare your love in front of your family and loved ones. On this perfect magical forever moment in time, you do not want to hire an amateur videographer who has never stepped foot on to a real movie set. Or someone who does properly and professionally capture the ideal audio of your every word and precious wedding vows.

Why capture a simple video montage of your wedding day, when you can hire our team of professional photographers and sound engineers to ensure you will capture the ultimate wedding memory that will last you a lifetime.

Your New Wedding Reality

On this perfect magical & forever moment in time, a 30 foot crane using the same camera/camerman who has shot some of your favourite cinematic scenes captures every moment of your special day. A professional sound mixer, who has recorded some of your favourite feature film dialogue, captures your heart beating, your father whispering I love you as you walk down the aisle under his breathe, the vows between you and your partner and the pauses in between each and every moment that eludes the love between true lovers that words can’t describe. All of this being called in, at an unobtrusive distance by a Director – and all at an affordable price.

On your wedding day, turn your wedding into the Hollywood film set of your dreams, making you the star you should be on this day!


The Important Question of Cost 

Another issue you will find when you call a wedding photographer/videographer is a fixed pricing for a shoot. However, on real production sets, you quickly find out what is needed and quote based upon the shoot at hand.

We provide you with all the essentials which includes Lighting, Camera equipment and Audio Recording – there is no fixed price here at BLUE PLANET PRODUCTIONS.

If your budget is small, we will accommodate your budget and still deliver a great product.

Pricing can range anywhere from 3,500 – 9,900 + HST.

Note: We work anywhere withing a 600km radius of the Toronto and GTA


Contact us anytime for your film production inquiries!