Media Development

Media Development, Content And SEO

Are you a new business just getting started? A Plastic Surgeon, or perhaps a Commercial Business entrepreneur trying to expand your brand and need new content? We can assist you in getting to the next level.

Whatever your needs, BLUE PLANET PRODUCTIONS is a true one stop shop for your all of your business needs.

Here is a list of our Media Development Services you can benefit from.

Full Media | Video | Website Design | Content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A great website is hard to come by and maybe you found a web designer that has made you look great – but now what?

SEO and Essential Requirements

  • For starters, you will need to write proper content and place a call to action in your design which are landing pages and incentives for online visitors to contact you.
  • Where do you find top quality SEO? Did you know that an SEO specialist should be reviewing the layout of your website as well as its content. Key words and call to action links throughout the content creation process is essential in order render optimal online results.
  • The truth is, to make a great online package you need to combine all areas during the creative process to be seen online and become an impressive presence online and more so, make money from your online service.


A Client Testimonial

“As a mid-sized business owner, I found it next to impossible to find a company that was a one stop shop for all my needs. I didn’t have time to hire a web designer, find a production company to make videos, find a marketing team to put it together and then get a reputable SEO company to do the leg work.

BLUE PLANET PRODUCTIONS offers a truly amazing service and the only company that actually employs people to handle every aspect from conceptualization, business and marketing process from branding. They include website design, multi-media tools, commercials, industrial videos, content and SEO I am aware of.

We’ve been on the top page of google consistently for the past 2 years and our revenue has almost doubled.”

~ Nick D.



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