Boats & Car Rentals

BLUE PLANET PRODUCTIONS  offers the following for film production use:


Wings 3 – a 26 foot Sail Boat which sleeps up to 4 with kitchenette and bathroom.

It can be used for a location shoot or for sailing shoots. Docked at the Outer Harbour Marina, you can have quick access to Toronto Island as well as great views of the entire city and skyline. We also use the boat for Wedding Photography.

That’s right – you and your fiancé on a boat with shots of the city and lake in the background – the ultimate great video shoot!


  • For use of the boat docked in harbor – $350/day
  • To be used on the lake – $100/hr up to $800/day (includes captain/sailing rates)
  • Porsche Boxter Convertible: $100/hr or $500/day
  • Mazda Miata Convertible: $50/hr or $350/day

Contact us anytime for any film rental inquiries!