Why Blue Planet Productions?

Since 1997, Blue Planet Productions’ members have created hundreds of Film, Wedding and Media content from small businesses to Hollywood film work. We work as a team however, our members also work on an individual basis with other production companies. We have equipment and prop rentals including a 26 foot sail boat for outdoor shoots in Toronto. So if you need all of us or just one of us, Blue Planet Productions is here to to help.

A typical production house will have a Producer, Director and Editor etc. What you won’t typically see as part of their staff are highly qualified Cameramen, Sound Engineers, Web-Designers, Jib-Operators, Make-up artists, Search Engine Marketing Specialists and Marketing/Business Conceptualization Experts. Blue Planet Media has every aspect of the creative and marketing process covered!

This provides a client numerous advantages:
  • You the client saves money. We have fixed rates with our team, allowing us to deliver a quality product at a lower cost for you.
  • You the client saves time. If you need a full overhaul for a product eg: new videos, new website, Logo, SEO, marketing etc. this would typically require several companies to get the job done. Blue Planet has all aspects of the creative and marketing process covered under one roof allowing us to do the leg work for you.
  • You the client gets a top quality product at a lower price. That’s what we all want don’t we? Great work at a fair price. Click on our Team Bios below and also check out our Demo page.
What We Offer

Let us make your vision a reality, no project is too big or too small. We offer the following services for Feature/Short Film, Documentaries, Travel, Underwater Shoots, Corporate read more …


Your special wedding day has finally arrived for which you have spent your entire life dreaming of this one magical day.  We are ready to make that day memorable and will work anywhere withing a 600km radius of the GTA read more …


Are you a new business just getting started, perhaps a plastic Surgeon trying to expand your brand and need new content? A mid-sized business trying to get to the next level read more …


For that perfect picturesque film shoot, we offer the following: Wings 3 – 26 foot Sail Boat which sleeps up to 4 with with kitchen and bathroom. And also an assortment of cars read more …

CEO B.P.P., Producer, Director, Marketing Specialist
DOP, JIB Operator, Cameraman, Founder B.P.P.
Sound Location | Sound Engineer | Lighting
Sr. Web Developer, Creative Web Director




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